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  1. Hey i need your guidance in choosing the optional subject for CSE mains.
    Actually i am preparing for CSE 2015 but still i am taking up this yr’s attempt with little preparation that i have.
    I’ve opted for both CSE(M) & IFS (M) exam. The problem i am facing is that although my motto is to get into foreign services i want to attempt IFS mains too. the list of optional subject listed for IFS (M) doesn’t match with the the subject i want to take up in CSE(M) exam. I am interested in geography for CSE(M) but due to unavailability of geography i am ready to study botany and zoology as IFS(M) subjects. ( I was a bio student in school & i can study them).
    Now I m in the dilemma that whether to take up Zoology as my CSE(M) subject as it will help me in both the exams & will reduce my stress of preparing 3 subjects at a time OR whether to go with my interest & focus only on CSE(M). ??
    Please help me make a decision.

    • Well Swati you are really confused and lost 😀 Civil services is a lot more than just reading subjects and you need to explore more about this examination before taking such important decisions as choosing optional’s.

      For giving Indian Forest Service Mains examination, you will have to score around 300 marks in Preliminary examination out of 400 which is very very tough job. For even civil services mains, you will need to score at-least 250 out of 400.

      Then coming back on mains subjects, even studying and grasping 1 subject fully is very tough. Studying 3 subjects and diversifying your energy will be suicidal.

      Also, I will suggest that just for the sake of giving a exam, don’t waste your this attempt at Civil Services. First, study the syllabus properly and give the examination next year. Remember first attempt should be the best attempt and if you are not fully prepared then just don’t give. If you don’t go to give examination your attempt won’t be counted.

      Regarding which option you should choose, that should be entirely your decision. You have to purchase basic books of the subjects that interest you, and then you have to read them and think which one is easily graspable and interesting. Check out the syllabus, and look for guidance in that subject on net and with seniors.

      Good luck 🙂

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