Well my optional is public administration, and I think I’ve no clue about it. Yes, I’ve read some books named Prasad and Prasad and some chapters from Rajni Arora and Goyal, but do I know the real stuff that this subject demands. I don’t know 

So, I’ve decided to make things interesting for me in public administration. Something innovative is required above the practical definitions that we keep on reading and mugging up in our text books. 

So, I’ve decided that the next ten days except reading newspaper, lets do comprehensively public administration and try to figure out what really this subject is all about. 

Yes, I’m going to make some online notes stuff and keep you updated. I disclaim here that these notes, may be totally misleading and they are just my own understanding of the subject. I may write a lot of bogus stuff here, but hey that’s what public administration all about. 

Making up a theory and implementing is called science, and scientific ways work eventually towards making some activity regular, rational and critical. So, lets do this rational analysis of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. 

Yes – I will also tell you strategies how to get good marks. All though it would seem kiddish that I myself giving this examination 1st time, having age of 21 want’s to write a full fledged blog on public administration whereby I never had any previous study in public administration. But, the examination patterns have changed so much that I don’t care if I’m very learned or not. Its not only about quality, its about presentation, expression, playing with the mind of the examiner and just a way of communication with the other guy who is checking your copy. 


The results of this year, are proof that first timers have more chances. Even someone if starts this day could be a IAS in next 6 months to come when mains will be given. 

So, what will be the structure of public administration discussion — 

1st phase – Read Maheshwari, rajni arora and goyal, Nicholas henry, and prasad and prasad. 

Now, our basics are done and we are ready for a topic wise analysis. So, comes the phase 2 

2nd phase – take out questions from last 15 years and solve them one by one. Do wikipedia search, take hints from books, google, IIPA journals, internet videos, but somehow formulate the best answers. 

3rd phase – Now, comes the final stage — we will now take topic wise issues from PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION and solve them one by one while amalgamating the whole ideas from thinkers, Indian context, text books, our search history everything. 

This thing may take 10-15 days to complete. I’ll just keep on posting continuously my whole work here, as now I’m going to make all notes online here only. 

Also, you may be worried about GS preliminary examination, but I don’t care much about GS pre, because its a part of Mains preparation. If I don’t clear pre. then I am more than happy to wait 1 year more than lament for not being able to get chance in Mains. But, anyway that’s not going to happen, as I’m comfortably scoring 100+ in GS1 and 175+ in GS2 of preliminary examination, so I will clear it surely. 

Thanks 🙂 (next post will be in 2-3 hours as I’ll keep on posting chapter wise, as I proceed)