1)      Topic – Agriculture GS paper -3


This immensely important article describes how farmers are getting dependent for things such as seeds on private companies, for which earlier they were self-sufficient. They have lost traditional knowledge of saving a portion of crops for seeding next year. The seeds purchased from markets require exorbitant money.

This year, due to hailstorms the crop of soya got destroyed, thus creating huge seed crunch in Maharashtra. But, since no farmer has saved seed of his previous year crop, now they have no option but to sow single crop of cotton, which is highly uncertain crop. Also, this will result in fewer prices due to more cultivation of a single crop, while soya price will increase more. In case of disaster on cotton crops, whole state farmers will suffer later.


2)      Topic – Environment


The major steps needed to reduce C02 emission are

–          Using cleaner fuels, biodiesels

–          Efficient and hybrid engines, CNG

–          Public transport to be encouraged

–          Dedicated fright corridor, more freight to be transported by railways or waterways

–          Large buses replacing smaller ones.


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